Since their debut release in 2016, I Made You Myself have helped illuminate their local scene, balancing an emotive and unequivocally engaging sound, with their intense and engaging live show. Having already built up a head of steam touring across the Midwest, the alternative outfit continue to expand their fan base across the US with the release of Graveyard Songs.

I Made You Myself delivers an amalgamation of emo, indie and post-hardcore that draws influence from some of the prominent 2000s tastemakers such as Norma Jean, Underoath and 36 Crazyfists. Despite this, the Illinois rockers retain an air of originality; a modern finish on a classic post-hardcore sound.

Check out the track by track for Graveyard Songs below, which can also be purchased here.

I Made You Myself - Graveyard Songs


What I’ve Learned – Life is ungrateful. Life is unapologetic. Not all good will result in good, no matter much you feel you’ve earned or deserved it. At times, you’re only defeated trying to be hopeful. Giving up and cutting your losses isn’t necessarily a bad thing if it means you’ve learned a lesson.

Sad Consolation – There was a point where I felt like a walking black hole. Time did not exist. I felt numb and I shut myself self out from everyone and everything. I didn’t feel human. The only times where I felt any motivation were when I thought of ending my life. I started to believe that my death would be a gift but then I thought, “I’ll gain nothing and I’ll lose everything”.

Natural Blonde – This song is about refusing to learn your lesson. You can take the time to trace the issues back to their roots and still choose to hurt yourself. You have to be honest with everything you do so that cycles do not repeat and disappointment does not repeat.

Tree Song – Live for yourself and no one else.

Ache Where the Arm Once Was – This song is about losing someone who was/is very important to me. It was written years after that person’s passing. I thought it was strange that after all of this time, it still hurts like hell to think about. It’s like a part of you is clearly missing, yet you somehow feel it in every aspect. The body and mind are strange things.

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