Moscow is the surname and creative identity of Russia’s Elizaveta Tursunova, who fled the country at age 16 and began the ever loving pursuit of music. Since being a part of the scene since her youth, Moscow soon after identified with the Sunset Strip of Los Angeles and decided her roots were tied there, producing the “Queen Of Sin” music video (watch below). This soon turned into recording more songs with the team of Shawn McGhee (Hideout Studios – Hellyeah, Five Finger Death Punch, Papa Roach) and Brian Steel Madina (Gemini Syndrome), which is now Queen Of Sin.

Full of soaring vocal deliveries like the crushing 80’s power metal, Moscow mixes this with cacophonous guitars, pummeling through the mix with a fiery attitude. Impassioned and full of vigor, songs like “Queen Of Sin” and “Black Widow” combine the visceral appeal of metal with smooth melodies, full of harmony and wonder. A force to be reckoned with, New Noise Magazine was able to have Moscow discuss each track on her Queen Of Sin EP.

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“Queen Of Sin” was our debut single and it’s sort of an introduction to Moscow. I was always known for being good at being bad. Back in Russia they called me “Tzaritza,” meaning ‘the Queen’ because I could always out-drink and out- rock’n’roll’ any guy; the reputation continued when I moved to LA. So for a debut song I needed something that represents who I am at first place, though if you dig deeper into the lyrics, there’s much more to the story. I wrote this song based on Nietzsche and Anton LaVey philosophies, which I was highly influenced by at the moment. It basically says – Be your own god and your own devil. The main attention should always be focused on what YOU want. You’re the center of your life and existence. 

“Nowhere to Hyde” is a song about a drug addict. I know a lot of people suffering from this disease, and back in the days I could relate to this topic as well. It’s the frustration of being locked inside your own head with no escape until you figure your shit out. 

“Black Widow” is probably my favorite track on this EP. When I met Shaun and Mark (the co-writers, producers and now close friends) and told them a couple of my life stories, we knew straight away what the upcoming song would be about: SEX. As Mötley Crüe once sang, “It’s about the sex.” You see, I’m pretty much a woman with a mentality of a man. A hunter. Rock’n’rolla might seem somewhat romantic, but it’s also a lonely path to take: filling the void inside with faceless crowds of people every night is both satisfying and painful. It’s like playing S&M games with yourself. Fun Fact – listen closely to the breakdown, it may include some of my home 18+ sound effects.

If you don’t get hated – you ain’t doing it right, so “Watch me Burn” is a song everyone can relate to. All of us get hated, bullied, or doubted, but if you set your goals – go and get it done. Rise above the negativity like a phoenix. I was going through a lot of hate when I started my music career, and, to deal with it, I wrote “Watch Me Burn;” 80s power ballads were always my jam, so why not write one. Actually it was highly influenced by “Moving On” by Asking Alexandria

I first discovered the post-hardcore genre for myself after moving to Los Angeles and meeting band members of Asking Alexandria, Escape The Fate, Falling In Reverse, etc.; shortly after I started really digging this type of music, and being a competitive person I am I couldn’t let anyone do something better than I do. So I taught myself how to growl and scream and to this day some of my favorite songs to play live are the heavy ones. We knew we needed one for this EP so “Heartbeat” was born. It was written about a guy (that you probably know) I met when both of us were in very different relationships, so the thrill of being caught and the raw blinding affection led to some bad decision making. “You have yours, I have mine.”  Maybe once I open the curtain and drop the name of the lucky guy, who knows…


This is a rock n' roll takeover.

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