Neaux is a collaboration duo that takes lo-fi undertones and blends it perfectly with the ambiance of shoegaze. Sierra Kay (VersaEmerge) and Nick Fit (Trash Talk, Mongoloids, Loss Leader, etc) combine their creative energy in a manner that makes rooms expand with graceful instrumentals. Utilizing aqueous tones in their guitars, the music weaves together with more trudging paces or even driving drum beats. Recently, the project released Chain Up The Sun via The Native Sound.

The sophomore full length finds the band’s sound swaying comfortably, never feeling out of place with their elegant mix of genres. “Stuck Like A…” feeds off the hyperkinetic drum beat, smashing through the sound barrier along with the rich sounding guitars. The vocals of Kay reach soaring pitches, cutting through the formidable rhythmic pulses. Opening track to the record is slower, focused on the atmosphere laced into the melodies, sounding like the soundtrack that plays while staring at the endless sky. “Cling” strips away the thick, buzzing distortion and presents a more intimate and warped sound.

New Noise Magazine is pleased to bring forth this all inclusive track by track of Chain Up The Sun by vocalist Sierra Kay of Neaux. This record is definitely one to give a couple of spins before the end of the year, it’s tension for space is magnificent.

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Nick accidentally sent me a demo of this song with some mumbled falsetto scratch vocals over it already. it was a happy accident. I loved the melody and the lyrics have this uncomplicated ache to them. The only thing i changed was for the second verse to say “Whistle boy” so it could become both of our stories. when i tried to match the key he sang in, it lost its feel, so i spent some time trying to find a harmony to his original vocal. it gives it this dreamy longing feeling.

Stuck Like A…

I love the energy of this song. It immediately made me feel disorderly so i wrote about getting drunk and being rowdy with my significant other(s). I do stupid shit and say things i don’t mean. you push and push and see how much someone can take. a shout out to all the people who’ve put up with me! The “i’ll rage ill burn ill disengrate” part was something i started singing over a slowdive song while doing dishes, it fit well over this track.


Definitely my favorite song on the record. when nick sent me this demo i was walking around brooklyn in the heat of summer and pretty much wrote the whole thing on the stoop of a bodega. i like that the music is cheerful yet at the time I was going through a lingering separation. We would always try to mend but it was becoming so arduous. I was pining for simplicity and that summer love feeling.

Ugly Angel

The music is so pretty yet deafening and Ugly Angel came to my mind. the song is about these burst of emotions i have sometimes. i feel like i did when i was a child and had no idea how to control my feelings. its anxiety and dread and i just want to rip my skin off and scream. you’re irrational and unconsolable when your body is boiling like that. I didn’t really solidify any of the structure so most of this was improvised in the studio which is fitting for the nature of the context.

Fake Flowers

I was walking from Lower east side to brooklyn right after i got robbed at knife point. all my shit was stolen, including the goods i was delivering, which is why i was getting robbed in the first place. i had recently gotten my bike tires and my phone stolen, and i got evicted out of an apartment that i lived in for 8 days and the “landlord” kept my money and disappeared. as i got over the bridge into brooklyn, i walked by a church with statues of saints all surrounded with fake flowers. that visual struck me when i was feeling my most defeated and this song came out of it.

Nick kept this song nice and stripped back, i wanted to match that feel. I wrote about choosing a certain life so you can have your freedom. for so long mine was one with out commitment to anything or anyone, but after a while you get lonely and start to crave those things. this song wasn’t very solidified either, i just went into the studio and tried it. i had a 3rd verse that you can hear me start to sing, but then the song ended. we just kept it in there.

Laughing Hyenas

This one was written in a kinky tongue in cheek kind of way. i thought the music was pretty sexy so i naturally wrote about sex and how animalistic it is. sometimes it feels like hate and love all at once.

Die, cry and try

I was watching this old western movie and a cowboy was seducing this chick while chewing on a match stick. I thought it was very alluring. its funny how men can exude this smugness that actually works. but it also made me realize how often i use my femininity to get what i want.

take your time (wasting mine)

This song was written with complete sarcasm. it’s was the only way i could get the words out and explain what the situation looked like from my point of view. just hoping that the person its written for would listen to it and finally understand how i feel being manipulated and fooled over and over again.



This is a rock n' roll takeover.

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