Exciting albums have many flavors of colors and sounds. Strangers by The Ramona Flowers is exactly this kind of album. Their bubbly pop sound is full of atmospheric synths that shade the world in a slick beauty. Their vocal melodies bounce between the already popping grooves, wading into a sort of hypnotic ambiance. The opening title track showcases the immediacy of the music with its dance vibes twirling into a spaced out landscape.

The band comments on their record, “for the whole Strangers album, we were lyrically influenced by relationships within the band and life and things that have happened with friends and family. Musically, we were influenced by bands like Phoenix, M83, Everything Everything, Bombay Bicycle Club, but we use a lot of 80’s synths and have definitely been inspired by movies from our childhoods. We’ve always been into that 80’s cinematic sound. The writing and recording of the album took around 10 months, alongside doing festivals in between!”

Isn’t that just enticing? New Noise Magazine is beyond pleased to be bringing forth the exclusive, in depth look into Strangers by The Ramona Flowers!

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It’s about meeting someone for the first time, enjoying that first sort of whirlwind feeling of how great it is and wanting to repeat it again and again. Ironically, this was a rare song where we wrote it collectively as a band, but nobody was in the same room at the same time. We just all knew the vibe instantly, but it was a bit like we were strangers.

Out Of Focus:

It’s about falling in love with someone and finding that what you’ve always been looking for is right in front of you.

Come Alive:

This song is a bit more ambiguous and has a double meaning. Could be about love, could be about living in an alternative reality…..


It’s about a ghost you can’t get rid of…


The basics of “Dramatist” were written in 5 mins just before going to bed. I titled it randomly “Dramatist” but the title stuck, and Steve decided to base the whole song from the title. It’s about reconnecting with someone you haven’t seen for a long time and imagining what life could have been like.

Same Sun:

It’s about being in a strange land where you don’t belong, but then realising that we are all on this planet together living under the same sun. It’s more generally about society and the world we live in. It’s about always moving around on tour and seeing people and their lives, even though you’re just passing through.”

If You Remember:

The song itself depicts triumph over adversity, telling a story of someone down on their luck. This is about being with an old friend who’s going through tough times and reminiscing about old times.

Seeing Double:

This is about living a double life, one at home and one away from home.


This is about imagining a future life somewhere hot and beautiful like Venice.

Numb Drunk:

Is about the break-up of a relationship


This is about being addicted to something or someone.


This is a rock n' roll takeover.

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