Albuquerque pop-punk quintet Right On, Kid! have released a new EP, titled Forever Missing Out, through Manic Kat Records. You can grab the EP here, as well as read a track by track from the band below.

Right, On Kid! formed in 2014 as an acoustic project by friends Zach Rose and Nick Encinias. The two wrote several songs and performed at various shows around Albuquerque. Their style was a catchy pop-punk flavor, raw and unapologetic, that can still be heard as Right, On Kid! formed to a five-piece band in 2015, with the growth of their popularity.

Right On, Kid! is known for taking influence from pop-punk’s forefathers while delivering a raw, gritty and unapologetic sound, underpinned by a blend of youthful exuberance and impressive cohesion, delivered with the up-tempo energy of many of their modern contemporaries.


Forever Missing Out – This song was chosen to open the EP because it sets the tone for the rest of the songs. We wrote this particular song to capture the feeling you get when you just can’t find the motivation to be productive, but are trying your best to move past it.

Clarity – Clarity is all about not letting your ego get in the way of forming relationships with those who mean most to you. It’s written from the perspective of someone on the outside looking in and tells the story of what could happen if we continue to be selfish in our personal lives.

Bier Castle – I would love to be able to tell a great meaningful story about this song, but the reality is that there isn’t one. This song tells a vague story of one of my favorite video games (you can guess which one). I chose to write a song about a video game because I would use this game as a form of escapism from the feelings I felt when writing all the other songs.

Consistent – Consistent to us is a “call out” song to all the people that only make friends with people who they think they can benefit from. This song is especially meaningful to us because we noticed that as we have gotten older, basing friendships solely on selfish principles has gotten more common. Make friends with people because they’re nice, not because you think they can get you somewhere.

Locī – This song is loosely based on a memorization technique that some people use to help organize important dates and times. It’s all about creating a space in your head that you’re familiar with and feel comfortable in. This song is directed toward uncomfortable feelings or “demons” that make living with yourself harder than it should be.

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