Lincoln, Nebraska act Salt Creek released their debut EP Where Strangers Go on May 26th. The EP finds the band weaving battering emotional anthems together with an upright posture, even with some mellow lyrical content. While the guitars and lyrics are airy and atmospheric, the drums stick to a snapping and driving rhythm, shining through on opening track “Rulo.” Salt Creek have opened up about each track across Where Strangers Go, diving into the heart of each song and unveiling more about the process behind making the EP. Listen to the EP as you read below.

Salt Creek is:
Chase Thompson
Cam Penner
Nathan Richardson
Zach Chrastil
Nate Skinner

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“Rulo “is about the feeling of being unsure when it comes to decision making, whether that be in a relationship, or just part of everyday life, sometimes those decisions work in your favor, and sometimes they don’t. This song is more about when they don’t and the effect that it has on your mental state. Sometimes it feels like you’re not sure if you will ever get back to the place in your life when you’re really certain about everything, instead of living on shaky grounds. We wrote this in the summer of 2016, Nathan’s girlfriend was playing bass for us and was about to move 8 hours away, so we had 4 of us living in the same house. At the time every day felt different, because so much was changing for each of us.

“Window Shade”

I wrote “Window Shade” while I was thinking back to high school and the way some of the people from my hometown carried themselves. It made me very frustrated to see people I thought were my friends make some dumb choices and get caught in a mindset that won’t really allow you to grow. I just didn’t want to be represented in that way so I kind of just chose to do my own thing and lost some friends in the process. Which in turn made me spiral down my own set of dumb actions, but you live and learn and life goes on with or without those people.


I wrote this song when my girlfriend was 3 hours away at college. It was sort of a lonely time for our relationship. It was also during the fall season so nostalgia was making it even harder. I wanted to include autumn themes within the lyrics because that’s just the general vibe I felt with the music, and with what was going on at home. The song is not all that sad though, if you listen close enough you can hear a sense of hopefulness. Musically, one of the main riffs was borrowed from an old band of Nate / Nathan’s. It was used to show a new chapter musically and to pay homage to that band.

“Taste the floor”

I wrote “Taste the Floor” about a situation that occurred when a person that used to be close to me decided to try to come back into my life after a couple of years had passed. I tried to show through the song that the foundation I had built was almost just destroyed. The song tells that you have all these memories of things that didn’t work out and there’s really no way to rid of them so you just have to store them. It also translates the feeling of being apathetic when it comes to writing. Especially when it feels like you’re writing to someone, but that someone you’re writing to isn’t even the same person anymore, so it’s like singing to stranger you thought you knew.


“Phase” is one of the first songs we wrote originally as a band and has been revised about 10 times. Our friend Ransom helping quite a bit with the original structuring of the song. The lyrics are pretty self explanatory. It just about getting stuck in the rhythm of life. Nothing seems new or interesting and you can’t seem to shake the rut you are in. You can change your name but that still wouldn’t make you a new person, you just have to change some things up and try to gain a new perspective.


Tour Dates:
May 27 – Lincoln, Ne @ The Bourbon Theatre
June 2 – Kearney, NE @ Gillies Bar
June 14 – Milwaukee, WI @ JJ’s Bar and Grill

w/ The Flats, Outside
June 15 – Pittsburgh, PA @ Ba Sing Se
June 16 – Philadelphia, PA @ TBA
June 17 – Wilkes Barre, PA @ The Other Side
June 18 – Rochester, NY @ Vineyard Community Space
June 19 – Brooklyn, NY @ Gold Sounds
June 20 – Boston, MA @ The Tip
June 21 – Syracuse, NY @ Spark Contemporary Art Space
June 22 – Elyria, OH @ Blank Slate
June 23 – Toledo, OH @ Ottawa Tavern
June 24 – Lansing, IL @ Royal Skate and Apparel


This is a rock n' roll takeover.

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