Sydney, Australia act Stand Atlantic are supporting their EP Sidewinder. Full of visceral emotions and even more aggressive progressions, Stand Atlantic find away to bring a beautiful sense of melodic hooks to every single song. The five song EP was released via Rude Records on September  15 and was produced by Stevie Knight (With Confidence), mixed by engineer James Wiesner (As It Is) and mastered by engineer Grant Berry (BUSTED, Me VS Hero, Milestones). Sidewinder is full of emotive lyrics that speak brutal honesty, backed by a slight sense of pop structure to help bring some more breaths through the heavy aspects.

Stand Atlantic produces songs that are easy to hum even on the first listen, full of enjoyable progressions with fantastic melodies soaring through them. Sidewinder is an EP that needs to be discussed, and that is exactly why Stand Atlantic stopped by to discuss the meanings and process of their newest release.

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“Push” is about feeling second best to someone you put first and moving on from that with your self-esteem and dignity still in tact, realising it’s nothing you’ve done.

“Chemicals” is a reminder not to buy into other peoples opinions on what you should do in life – do what makes you happy and believe in yourself. People will always find something negative to say about literally anything, so meet your own expectations, not theirs.

“Mess” I made is about making mistakes and dealing with the simple fact that only you can fix them, as much as you wish they’d fix themselves.

“Coffee At Midnight” is about that feeling of desperately trying to cling onto something or someone versus finally letting go

“Sidewinder” was written as a reminder that if you love someone, it’s important to acknowledge and accept differences between each other. Never compromise who you are just to try and change something you can’t.



This is a rock n' roll takeover.

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