Dedicated to crating hazy music that distorts the world around you, The Sun Machine’s semi lo-fi sound is full of vibrant instruments with a distinctive pule. The psych rock outfit takes inspirations from multiple genres, including Doo-wop (specifically their home state Texas Doo-wop) to liven their sound but set a stoner rock vibe as well on their recent release Turn on to Evil. Opener “I Want To Do Drugs (With You)” sets the stage with its ambiance. “The Wasp” has an eerie tap dance of instruments perusing the background, letting the vibe set the pace for the track. It’s a song like this that broadens the meaning for the record’s title. The Sun Machine released Turn on to Evil back in November of 2017. The record’s vintage sound is suitable for any fan of rock music.

New Noise Magazine is pleased to bring forth a hypnotic track by track of Turn on to Evil by The Sun Machine. Take a listen and read along below, and watch out behind you.

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1. I Want To Do Drugs (With You)

Inspired by old Texas Doo-wop, this song is about sharing your favorite moments with the one you love.

2. Stare At The Sun

“Stare at the Sun is about a murder of a girl in the music scene. Staring at the sun is basically the last thing you see as you die.

3. On The Rocks

This song is about those nights where you drink too much, lose all your belongings, and need a stranger to give you a ride home.”

4. I Think I’m Losing It

“I Think I’m Losing It” is about the voices of pressure telling you to change and is also inspired by personal episodes of sleep paralysis.

5. The Wasp

This is about facing your fears during a psychedelic experience. “The Wasp” represents the menacing threat that keeps you from creating and moving forward. It must be confronted and surpassed.

6 and 7. The Wolf/Interude

“The Wolf” is about your inner desires turning you into a monster and how that can ruin your life.

8. Is This The End Again?

The story of a sad girl who pushes you away but wishes you would return.

9. The Spell

The Spell is about someone putting a spell over you but when you are no longer under the spell and wish to be released.

10. 100 Virgins

“100 Virgins” is about people having political views, but are unable to act upon them because they are afraid of unity. They cannot submit to a leader.

The whole album is a series of cautionary tales in a way. About our own lives and others around us.



This is a rock n' roll takeover.

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