Thrillenials is a joyride of a release. Los Angeles natives Victory Kid combine their passion of political activism with their high energy blend of pop-punk, ska, and rock to create a band completely unique to their genre. Just this past May the band released their EP Illenials to rave reviews, which featured the popular protest song, “Tuck Frump”.

The EP was engineered, mixed, mastered and co-produced by Allan Hessler (Goldfinger, The Used, Serj Tankian). Additionally, horns were recorded by Real Big Fish’s very own Matt Appleton. Victory Kid is Harrison (vocals), Nate Dawg (bass), and Carlo (drums). Take a listen to Thrillenials below and enjoy an exclusive in depth look at each song from Victory Kid themselves!



Carlo Ribaux: This is our straight up rock track. One of my favorites!
Nathan Kersey: It makes you want to drive fast.
C: And kick shit.
Harrison Nida: Yeah, I grew up riding dirt bikes and skating. This is an homage to those times. Now it’s mostly surfing but I get my fix.


C: Oh yea! My favorite song on the record.
N: It is a political allegory that shows how the consumption of exaggerated negative media can trigger people to become more and more aggressive to the point that innocent people end up becoming both victims and criminals simultaneously.
H: Well, shit. Yeah lol.
C: What he said!


C: Favorite song on the record. I like that it’s called “Guano”.
N: Yeah! It’s based on this new slang we got going in SoCal where if something is batshit crazy it’s “Guano”.
H: We tried to make this a real instrument EDM song. There aren’t even synths.


C: One of my favorites, shoutout to Joe!
H: Yeah, Joe from the band Atomic Walrus.
C: Now deceased.
H: He came in and nailed this rap. Definitely saved this song cause the verses i wrote definitely weren’t cutting it.
N: It reminds you to take a deep breath, which is a good thing to do.

“Leaving New York”

C: Makes me want to leave New York.
N: Summerland is on my mind.
H: I had some good experiences in my five years there, but overall it was miserable and I’m glad to be back in Cali.
C: It’s a good power ballad.
N: Road trip song!

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Upcoming Shows:
6/16 – Santa Ana, CA @ Esports Arena
6/28 – Sonora, CA @ Winters Motherlode Grill
6/29 – San Francisco, CA @ Neck Of The Woods
8/19 – Seattle, WA @ HempFest

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