New Noise Magazine is pleased to bring forth a track by track of the incredibly heavy Spun by The Hyena Kill. This EP is one heavy invitation to the group’s sound, marked with stunning breakdowns and cataclysmic ways to assault listener’s ears. From the first snap of the snare into the ferocious growls guitars in “Exit Mask” to the atmospherically beautiful “Dare To Swim,” Spun is an exotic and dark experience.

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“We went into Nave studios in December 2017 to record the follow up to our debut album ‘Atomised’ with producer Andy Hawkins. The result was the six-track EP Spun.

Exit Mask

It’s a twisted tale of love, obsession, and suicide. It was the last track to be written for the EP and our new favorite to play live. It’s just a barrage of riffs and shouting wrapped around a thumping drum beat. When I (Steve) set out writing the melody I really wanted something that just glided over the top of the stop start riff. It’s so easy sometimes to just do the obvious thing so i went completely the other way, I think personally this helped shift the track from an outright metal tune into something completely different. I love the way the track subtly moves in the groove. nailing that proved challenging and almost stressful. Andy really pushed us to persevere and get it down.

Panic Womb

We actually recorded this at the same studio and producer in Nov 2017 and put it out as a single last December. All I can say about this track is it’s 1 min 13 seconds of pure raucous in your face anger. It was recorded and mixed really quickly and totally captured the nature of the track. It was so much fun working like that.


This track was also recorded separately. It was the first track we did with Andy. As soon as it was finished we knew straight away we wanted to work with him.

It started off as two completely separate ideas that we eventually merged together. Starts with a slow moody beginning that develops into a fast riff-heavy crescendo.

It’s essentially a story about someone tangled in an abusive, toxic situation with no way out. They eventually escape but not before they burn their abusers to death. It was the first time I’d really experimented with character writing and was able to explore this more over the rest of the record.

Pound Of Flesh

This is basically one massive mood swing. Going from quite bouncy and riffy [to] ending with a full blown screaming meltdown. In my opinion, the ending is the heaviest thing we have recorded to date, I love that section. It has some of my favorite lyrics I’ve written to date dealing with sex, desire, manipulation and self-loathing.

Dare To Swim

This is the one track that i was the most nervous about recording. I just had a vision in my head of how i imagined it to sound and sometimes that can be difficult to capture. It turned out way better than id imagined. We have always been fans of artists like Warpaint, Tori Amos and more recently Chelsea Wolfe and have slightly touched on that kind of sound on the last record. We really got our teeth into this track. The more we jammed it, the more it began to grow resulting in a big crescendo ending with some filthy guitar sounds and huge drums. Andy really knew pushed us to experiment with our playing to help add dynamics, helping create movement within the song.

The icing on the cake was the guest vocals by Stephanie Mannerts from the incredible band Brutus. We sent her the track and were over the moon when she agreed to do it. She took the track to a completely different place, The haunting vocal style throughout just added this beautiful extra layer that really gave the whole piece so much depth. It’s my favorite track we have ever recorded and i’m so happy with how it turned out.

Upcoming tour dates
21st Apr – Manchester Deaf Institute, UK
22nd Apr – Glasgow Attic, UK
23rd Apr – Newcastle Think Tank, UK
24th Apr – London Old Blue Last, UK
25th Apr – Bristol Mother’s Ruin, UK
6th May – Teddy Rocks, Dorset, UK
10-12th Jun – Donington Download Festival, UK
17th Jun – Portals Festival, London, UK

Photo by Danny Allison


This is a rock n' roll takeover.

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