“The lyrics paint a dark, painful, but truthful picture of relationships. There is a photo of my ex-wife and I that we took that has always stood out to me. It’s always been my favorite photo of us, still is to this day. You can see how happy and in love we were. Our relationship was coming to an end, and I looked at the photo which inspired all the lyrics in this song. Relationships always start out great, some stay great but most of the time they fall apart. I found myself thinking ‘I just want to go back to how it used to be, when you were still madly in love with me.’ It was a painful realization that was learned too late. Don’t let the upbeat happy tone of the song fool you.” – Michael Seyfert guitarist/vocalist of Treading Water

We’re pleased to bring you the premiere of Treading Water’s music video for their single “Went To Hell” (watch it below). You can purchase the album through Bandcamp and iTunes.

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  1. Badass song! Way to go for following your dreams. Play in Southern Illinois soon, please.

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