The newly reunited Petaluma, Californian punk band Tsunami Bomb has officially announced they will be joining this summer’s Vans Warped Tour 2016 for select dates in the Pacific Northwest, featuring the original line-up of bassist Dominic Davi, keyboardist/vocalist Oobliette Sparks, drummer Gabe will be there.

Returning to the Vans Warped Tour after 10 years with the original line-up and a new vocalist, how different will the band be to longtime fans? 

“Honestly, it doesn’t feel any different from the first time around,” says Lindeman, one of the few constant members throughout the many line-up changes that the band went through in their later years. “It’s almost like we didn’t miss a beat. You’ll see.”

Tsunami Bomb will be performing on the Vans Warped Tour on Friday, August 12 in Auburn, WA and Saturday, August 13 in Portland, OR.

Lindeman, and guitarist Brian Plink along with new vocalist Kate Jacobi, Tsunami Bomb is supporting Trust No One, a collection of early and out of print EPs into a 14 track LP released by Kung Fu Records. 

“It’s awesome, and I’m stoked to do it,” Davi says. “I’ve done it with different bands before, but it’s significant to be back with Tsunami Bomb this time. We are grateful to Kevin Lyman to make room for us, because it’s kind of a safe place for us to come back to. Tsunami Bomb has always done well on Warped Tour, and so many of our friends.

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