We’re pleased to bring you the premiere of Vanessa Silberman’s music video for her single “Outswimming Sharks” featuring Ken Susi and Carissa Johnson (watch it below).

Silberman commented on the video:

I wanted the music video to be comprised of intimate and up close shots so viewers would have an opportunity to see a different side of my performance and be invited into seeing a personal side of me they don’t normally see. The song is a little darker and heavier than most of my material and that’s why we shot the video at night. I worked with Carissa Johnson (who directed the video and is also featured on the song) on taking elements of polished LA Beverly Hills, serious, dark, and luminous shots mixed with simple fun, grungy animation drawings to balance out the darkness and irony in the content. Lyrically in my songs I always try to give listeners a positive and hopeful outcome / relief on whatever it is I’m singing about. In this song I really wanted to take it a step further, though. I explored describing some feelings that are uncomfortable, about everything from business to poverty and what the feeling is like being a person who’s in an environment where they truly don’t really belong. I wanted the video to somehow show the feeling of trying to grab any piece of yourself you have left after you feel like you have been drained by everything and everyone else around you. Though in the end it’s about compassion, understanding and learning how to just understand people and darkness as the resolve.

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About the artist:

Vanessa Silberman is widely known for wearing many hats in the music business, running her own artist development label (A Diamond Heart Production) working with band and having worked for heavy hitters such as producer Dr. Luke (Britney Spears, Katy Perry, Kesha) and at places such a the Foo Fighters’ Studio 606 where she was an in-house assistant engineer.

“Outswimming Sharks” was recorded & mixed by Ken Susi in Boston, MA and mastered by Vanessa Silberman.

Vanessa has been featured on the cover of Columbia Daily Tribune, The Fort Stockton Pioneer, in The Source Weekly, The Herald Times, Davis Enterprise, Statesmen Journal, soundgirls.org plus many others. Her songs have received national radio play on well over 80 stations including: KFMU, KXLU, KBND, Jefferson Public Radio Ashland, KLCZ, WXCI, SCAD Radio / WRSF, WWUH, WXJM, KBGA, KTCV, KOAS plus many others & she has opened up for Alkaline Trio, R.Ring (featuring Kelley Deal of The Breeders), Selector Dub Narotic (Calvin Johnson founder of K Records).

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