Interview with Conveyer vocalist Danny Adams | By Caleb R. Newton

Conveyer are a forward-looking, versatile hardcore band loosely based in the Midwest. Their third release, No Future, came out June 23 on Victory Records, and vocalist Danny Adams says that, thus far, he’s very happy with the response to the album. Of his own band and the scene that they’re in, he says, “Younger people are reacting the way I did when I first heard hardcore,” and he thinks that’s great.

Conveyer are not a band with a large fanbase, but Adams is at ease nonetheless. He says that he is “proud to represent” the Midwestern music scene, which is made up of bands working very hard to get by while loving every second of it.

Adams worked as the lyricist on No Future, while drummer John Gaskill and former guitarist Nick Matako wrote the music. Adams says that Matako couldn’t tour anymore and left the band, but that they remain good friends and Matako was eager to work on No Future. Adams drew from personal experience when writing his lyrics, including losing his father to cancer, a story told on the third track, “Haunt.”

He says that he wants to make music people can relate to, adding that it would be “awesome” if people felt empathy for what others may be going through thanks to his songs. “I wanted people to listen to the songs no matter who they are,” he says. “I’m interested in human beings and how they feel. We are all going through the same stuff.”

Adams is a man of faith, and feels it’s important to make it clear that, from his perspective, the band have never sought to make themselves more palatable to those outside of the Christian religion. He says that one of his other bandmates wanted to create something that was more “political,” but Adams wasn’t onboard with that.

The influence of faith is clearly heard on No Future, and Adams says that making this influence known in the album was just “second nature,” adding that everything is “colored by faith” for him. However, he notes that he doesn’t necessarily think of himself as a Christian in the traditional sense. He says that “God” is a concept that should be approached with an open mind, free of any biases.

Adams applies this mindset to everything in life and hopes that his listeners will do the same. “Don’t base your worldview off the media and social media and the internet and your negative experiences with people,” he says. “Don’t make existential decisions based off these things. Have an open mind and experience life unbiased.”

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Photo by Greg Thomas


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