Gatherers is an emotive hardcore group from New Jersey. Their sophomore LP, Quiet World was released via Equal Vision Records in 2015, gaining them attention enough to join the Common Vision Tour of 2015 with Brigades, Real Friends, Counterparts and Every Time I Die. Since then, Gatherers played Fest ’14 and has continued to roll through tours. They made a pit stop in Chicago’s Audiotree studio to bring their outpour to a live session.

Their sound is reminiscent of At The Drive-In, composing themselves with waling vocals, weeping guitars that flow naturally through progressions and a bellowing rhythm section. Rich Weinberger’s vocal delivery is raspy, harsh and soars over the melodious instruments with raw power. If you are not listening to Gatherers, it’s time to start with this crisp offering of how much of a punch they can pack.


This is a rock n' roll takeover.

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