Mockingbird Brother just released this powerful new video for the single “Falls Apartment.” We chatted with them about their approach to the music, their latest album, and plans for the future.

How did the band first get started?
I used to jam with a drummer under the name Mockingbird Brother locally for a couple years, but the project really formed when Phillip Zimmerle responded to my social media post about looking for a guitarist. I absolutely adored his style, so we clicked instantly and started refining the material that became Crashes.
What are you most excited about with this new record and video? 
After playing with various bands for about ten years, Crashes is my first outing as a singer and my first turn at writing songs. I feel like it took a lot of time to find the courage to take that step and to find the right crew to do it with. the songs are mostly about that anxiety and self-doubt that linger in the corners of you mind and cast a shadow on everything that you do. Matt Hardesty, who wrote/directed/filmed/edited the video, has a very special talent for taking figurative demons and making them real and terrifying.
What was the recording process like for this release? 
We started recording a couple tracks with our good friends Jacob Rodriguez and Peewee Ruiz at King Benny House of Sound for a little tour demo. We decided to record a couple more songs for an EP, then we just kept going back until we realized we had enough material to put out something a little more substantial. Jacob has been a friend for a long time and even though I had never gone into the studio with a project like this, it felt completely natural. We had a blast.
Can you tell us about some of the lyrical themes explored in this song and why they stood out to you?
I was in a pretty bad place mentally when I first moved to Houston. It took a good friend confronting me about it and telling me, “Look, you have to deal with your issues before you can really be happy and grow emotionally.” “Falls Apartment” is about shedding baggage, opening up, and finding emotional stability, and how crucial it can be to have good friends along the way to help.
What’s next for the band? Anything else you’d like to announce? 
We just recently added Garret Webster on drums, and we’re going back to the studio next month to record an EP. We’ll be doing some weekend runs and regional touring in support of that.
Where would you like to see the project in five years?
Phil and I are constantly writing songs, and I don’t see that changing any time soon! I would love to have more releases under our belt and some longer, more substantial tours by that point.

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