20 SomeThing is a heavy-hitting four-piece pop-punk band out of Rochester, NY. Staying true to the classic sound of the genre, 20 SomeThing infuses elements of hardcore and punk to personalize their own fresh take on a genre whose last major innovation was the introduction of breakdown.

Take a load off today with New Noise‘s premiere of the song and video for 20 SomeThing’s “Slumpreme (Late Last Summer)”!

Summer might be over, but you can relive the vibe of that season by smashing play on the video below:

And for the bold and curious amongst you, here is what 20 SomeThing had to say about the concept and meaning behind their latest track:

“‘Slumpreme (Late Last Summer)’ is a song about trying to find a sense of clarity in dark times. While the song talks about falling to the wayside in someone else’s life, we also wanted to write lyrics that could be taken introspectively about finding yourself and following what you think is right.”

Photo by 20 SomeThing.

Add “Slumpreme (Late Last Summer)” to your favorite playlist here.


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