Video Premiere: A Deer A Horse – ‘Bitter’

Ahead of their upcoming debut album, Grind, Brooklyn rockers A Deer A Horse are sharing their new video, “Bitter,” premiering exclusively here at New Noise.

A Deer A Horse wear the grime, grit, and gusto of hundreds of shows and countless studio hours as a badge of honor. Combining rock, metal, and punk, they have been described as “somewhere between the Melvins, Helms Alee, Red Fang, and Sleater-Kinney.”

The new record was produced by Jamie Uertz (Gojira, Anthrax) and A Deer A Horse. The group trekked to legendary producer Sylvia Massy’s (Tool, System of a Down, Johnny Cash) Ashland, Oregon studio to record the nine-track collection.

Bass player and vocalist Angela Phillips describes the new track:

“‘Bitter’ is largely about being given unsolicited advice on how to ‘better’ yourself from someone who comes from a perspective of privilege. This song comes from my lifelong experience as a fat person constantly being given unsolicited advice on how to lose weight from people who have always naturally been slender.”

Drummer Dylan Teggart adds, “The meat and potatoes of what you hear on Grind is the sound of us trying to capture our live energy. Each take was slightly different in terms of feel, tempo, and orchestrations, but the energy we wanted to capture—the primal scream of a band trying to make something of themselves—is there.”

Watch the video for “Bitter” here:

For more from A Deer A Horse, find them on Facebook, Instagram, and Bandcamp.

Photo courtesy of A Deer A Horse

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