Minneapolis’s Abe Anderson is a one-man guitar band who writes shimmery indie-pop tunes as soft and flowy as his long, golden locks that spill off of either side of his head. He’s got a new album ready to drop called Seasick Lullabys and it will be available through Brace Cove Records on January 15, 2021.

That’s a bit of a wait, I know, but in the meantime, you can check out our premiere of the new video for Abe Anderson’s song “Love You More”:

Abe is not shy about sharing the goods about his new song and video, check out the very informative quote from the man himself below:

“‘Love You More’ last spring right around when the original lockdown was in full swing. This song is really an ode to my partner, as they kept me afloat while pretty much the rest of my life had crumbled to pieces. This song was super refreshing to write and record, as I took a more minimalist approach to the construction of this track. I wanted the track to get in and out without any extraneous nonsense, and make every line count. In terms of the production, I really wanted it to evoke those classic new wave sounds from the 80’s but also integrate it with more modern indie guitars and production. I had flirted with other instruments in the mix, but in the end I thought it sounded best stripped down to its core (two guitars, drums, bass, and vocals). This was one of the first tracks I wrote that’s being included on my upcoming LP, and I think it is a good example of how my songwriting has evolved towards more indie and atmospheric sounds, and branching out of the emo and pop punk realm.”

Photo by Abe Anderson.

Abe’s Media Links: Bandcamp, FacebookWebsite


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