The new Aborted Tortoise song, “Violent Consumers,” out now on their Scale Model Subsistence Vendor album via Goodbye Boozy Records, is the fast, nasty punk you need to get your weekend going.

Who am I talking to, and what do you do in the band? 
All of us are at the same house at the moment. We play guitars, bass, drums and vocals.
How did you come up with the unusual name for the band? 
Basically, we were chillin’ at this carpark besides a lake near where we live. Anyways, there’s this sign that says ‘caution: tortoises’ and i think Alickz said “aborted tortoise” and that was that.
Why are there so many great bands coming out of Australia? 
Honestly, there are great bands coming out everywhere! Except Perth, Scotland.
How does the new EP compare to earlier stuff? 
Arguably better, objectively more recent. Both by the same band, with the same members, subjectively not the same songs.
What’s up with the Coles Minis obsession?
Australia is just fucked I guess. It was fall in line or get out. Coles’ advertising has always been strange; I highly recommend checking out the ‘Status Quo’ ad.
What does the world need to know about Aborted Tortoise? 
“Is that an important document? Whose watch is that..?” Transmission over.

Get the album here. 


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