Video Premiere: Abraskadabra – ‘Set Us Free’

From Curitiba, Brazil, Abraskadabra seamlessly blend pop-punk, ska, and skate with endless hooks, tailored horn lines, and a global lyrical perspective to create an explosively fun punk rock experience. Their latest album, Make Yourself At Home, is out September 24 through Bad Time Records.

Watch the video for “Set Us Free” below:

The writing process of the new album started a year and a half ago, but it was given a boost since COVID-19 hit the world. With no pubs, parties or concerts to go to, music served as a companion for many people, and that’s how the concept of Make Yourself at Home was born. The album is not just a sequel to 2018’s Welcome, the band’s debut album, but a huge step forward in the band’s discography.

Make Yourself at Home reinforces the formula of striking riffs and sing-along choruses, further refining lyrics, melodies and horn lines, all without losing the band’s trademark heaviness. The album’s lyrics address a variety of themes both personal and political, from lovesick anthems to protest songs rallying against Brazil’s current regime.

On the release of “Set Us Free,” Buga states:

“It was one of the first songs we had for the album, and I think it says about how fucked up the world is right now. With absurdities and obscenities going on every day, the far right, the obscurantism and negationism… because of that I think the song wants to tell how powerful we are, the people, and how we have the power to change it and to go against it and really make a difference.

Like we can see in Chile right now where they are rewriting their constitution after a rebellion that took down the president and they put a plebiscite, and it was a movement made by the people. It’s beautiful what’s happening there right now, and we have more examples like that in the world, so it’s possible, and maybe we have to face this transition, creation after destruction… we hope so.”

Pre-order Make Yourself At Home here.

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