Chicago pop-punks Action/Adventure are on a mission to improve the diversity of their home turf and scene. To rally allies to their cause, they’ve written a song and made a video called “Barricades.” You can peep out the premiere of the video below.

Established in 2014, Action/Adventure find a balance between upbeat, pop-punk riffs, breakdowns, and impactful lyricism. You could call it easycore, but you’d probably have to write Jordan Pundik a check afterward.

Being comprised only of people of color, Action/Adventure say they hope to open the door to a diverse audience and bring positive music and awareness to the forefront of the punk rock again.

On the goal of their new song, “Barricades,” the band had the following to say:

“We wanted to provide insight into our experiences growing up as minorities in a scene that lacks diversity. The way you look shouldn’t affect you showing you’re capable of.'”

Photo by Rob Haberman

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