Houston hard-rock band Affinity Falls have released their debut single “Redline.”

“Redline” is an eruptive track about letting go of the toxic things in your life. Letting go even when it’s the only thing in the world you wish for, knowing that it’s the only thing you haven’t done to make it better.

“We made ‘Redline’ at a huge changing point in my life,” says vocalist Herbie Dunlap. “It’s written as if it’s right at the moment, I realized everything was going to be different. I feel like everyone has lived through this moment at some point in their life.”

“Redline” also contains an underlying theme of self-care, as guitarist Curtis Hewitt adds: “This song always reminds me that you need to love yourself b\ecause you’re all you’ve got.”

Check out our premiere of “Redline” below:

Photo courtesy of Affinity Falls.

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  1. Rudy Montoya Reply

    Sounds freaking Awesome! This is a true testament of y’all hard work and dedication! Proud of you guys!

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