New Noise Magazine is pleased to be bringing the exclusive premiere of “If I” by the band Airstream Futures. Derek Grant of Alkaline Trio put this video together, giving the lyrics a shake and rattle to the hum of the tune. “If I” is one of the two singles off the upcoming 7″ from the band, with the other tune being PR Nightmares. The track streaming below has a melodies ring to the chord progressions. They play rhythmically to a snapping drum beat and give a stage for the vocals to weave between. Take a listen below and be prepared for the release on 07/16!

“The song is about the fight against depression and anxiety, wanting to do all the things you love but can’t. It’s a war in your brain and body, and sometimes you win and sometimes you lose.” – Devon Carson (Singer) of Airstream Futures

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Airstream Futures is a rock/punk/alternative band from Chicago, Illinois. The members are Devon Carson (vocals), Jeff Dean (guitar, vocals), Megan Edgin (bass), and Michael Soucy (drums). The band began as an idea among long-time friends and previous bandmates. Jeff and Michael played in a band together for years and decided to start a new band together. Jeff had gotten to know Devon when he recorded her previous band in the studio where he worked. Jeff and Devon connected immediately when they met, bonding over their shared Las Vegas roots. Jeff was impressed with Devon’s talent and the two committed to the idea of forming a band together one day.

As Jeff and Michael planned their next project, Jeff thought it was the perfect opportunity to see if Devon would be interested in joining, as well. Devon was on board and the three began writing songs and recording but were still in need of a bass player. Devon, Jeff, & Michael began holding auditions for a bass player. Megan auditioned after being connected with the group by a mutual friend. Megan was invited to join the band and thrilled to be a part of the team. The group has a blast together and shares love for music, cheese, and Catch Phrase.

Airstream Futures recorded a full-length album, Spirale Infernale, released via Paper + Plastick Records in December, 2017. In May, 2018, they self-released a limited-edition cassette, En Avoir Marre, with 2 LP songs, 1 studio outtake, and 3 unreleased live songs recorded at Liars Club in Chicago. This 7” vinyl release is a limited edition of 300 random coloured vinyl available via Little Rocket Records with new songs If I and PR Nightmares.


This is a rock n' roll takeover.

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