Video Premiere: Alien Feelings – ‘Scream’

Wales, U.K.-based Alien Feelings are premiering their new video and song, “Scream,” exclusively at New Noise.

Band members Josh, Tim, Dale, and Ryan new each other in school, tackling numerous musical ventures until finally forming Alien Feelings in 2019. They have already established a signature sound, embracing a shout-along, loud, and aggressive approach, as a sort of anguished howl from the backwaters, where there is little else to do except play punk rock music and get stoned.

Josh opened up about the track:

“’Scream’ is a big fuck you to everyone that’s ever said I’m not good enough to make it.”

“The song comes from a time that my ex-next door neighbor publicly posted online something along the lines of, and excuse me for paraphrasing, ‘My so-called talented neighbor is at it again. Don’t understand why he thinks he’s so good; all he can do is fucking scream.’ It amassed a load of comments in agreeance from not only strangers but from people I had considered friends up until that point.

“The thing is, I had only just really started songwriting and pursuing music as an actual career and not just a daydream, and reading those comments completely shattered my confidence and my bedroom, which once was my safe haven to create music, felt suddenly uncomfortable, as though I wasn’t on my own anymore but rather with the presence of opinions from whatever ears were listening from beyond the walls.”

He says he was ready to call it quits following those comments and didn’t attempt to write music for a while, before coming to the realization, a fundamental truth of life he says, that not everyone is going to like him.

“There will be people out there that will ridicule me, that will try to define me and would love to see me fail, and that it’s completely out of my control how others respond to me and my work. What is in my control, however, is how much power and influence that I allow others opinions of me to hold over me (both good and bad.) and I decided there and then that it was absolutely fucking none, never again. It got me thinking of how they could say and do whatever they wanted to, how they could practically torture me, snigger behind my back and how I’d never give up. I love music, and it’s all I’ve ever wanted to do.

“So I picked up my guitar, sat down on my bed, and wrote scream … Ensuring that the neighbor heard it by screaming it at the top of my lungs for eight hours straight in the process. I thought, ‘All I can do is fucking scream? I’ll show you what fucking screaming is.'”

Watch the video for “Scream” here:

For more from Alien Feelings, find them on Instagram and Spotify.

Photo courtesy of Alien Feelings

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