All Better present their latest video for “Losing Forward,” a song from their latest EP, How it all Worked Out, released this summer via Real Ghost Records. 


“All Better are such a hardworking and talented U.K. band kicking it all over the U.K. and Europe, making a lot of chums in the process,” says Mark of Real Ghost Records. “This is another DIY video gem of a blinding track taken from their well-received EP which was the soundtrack to my summer ’19! All Better are a genuine pleasure to work with, and we’re stoked to hear that they’re working towards putting out new music soon!”

Introduce us to All Better.
“Hey, this is All Better.” Oh, you meant in a different way. We’ve been described as “The best pop punk band that refuse to be labelled pop punk,” which we think pins it quite well and is, let’s be honest, very flattering. We try to make music that we enjoy, music that blends a mix of our favorite bands from a decade ago with a more modern sound and approach. We also like Greggs, Red Stripe, and humor. 
You put out your latest record via Real Ghost Records earlier in the year which has been well-received both in review and on various digital playlists. How’s the live reaction been?
It’s been a pretty great year for us gig-wise. We really enjoy touring, and we’ve been very fortunate this year to get out as much as we have and had some phenomenal responses. We love to have fun and meet new people, and we’ve managed to make a lot of friends along the way this year. For us, one of the best feelings is watching people be themselves at shows and singing along; with this new record, that seems to have increased a fair bit, so we’re very happy. 
Speaking of which, tell us about your upcoming tour.
Sven feels to us like that person you went on a date with one time. but then one of you went away and then came back, and the other was kind of seeing someone, so you backed off and then, out of the blue, you bump into them in Greggs and end up having this amazing date. We’re very happy to be joining them again for a few dates in January. Plus it falls on Chris’ birthday weekend, and we’ve never played in Cardiff or Bournemouth, so we’re pumped to get stuck in. Might even have a couple of alcoholic refreshments.
Tell us about the video we’re premiering today.
As a band, we were kidnapped by Sydney The Doggy who is a remarkable canine and has the ability to not only drive a Luton van, but is such an advanced scientists he was able to clone us. We managed to escape on one of the excursions he took us on, and we were able to free our clones, who are now living with us. Fortunately, there was a camera crew filming the whole time, so the music video is essentially a documentary of real-life events. 
What’s next for All Better?
We’re going to be seeing off the year with a special New Year’s Eve show at The Hope & Ruin in Brighton with our best buds in Penthouse. In the new year, we’re planning on going back into the studio, as we’ve been writing a whole load of new tasty jams. We also have a buttload of rock shows in the works—still trying to convince Greggs to let us do some in-store performances, but more on that soon.

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