“The Listening Room,” the latest single and video from Houston, Texas indie group All The Kimonos, is one of the best feel-good tracks of the summer. Powered by upbeat percussion and bright, accentuated guitars, “The Listening Room” is the titular track to their debut album due out next month. 

The track draws influences from two seemingly disparate worlds: dub and indie pop/rock. The former influence lends a hypnotic, happy rhythm to the song that helps its pop influence shine even brighter. All the Kimonos are far from one trick ponies, though: guitarist Brent Busby—who works as a sound designer for Adult Swim as his main gig—performs a quick-but-energizing solo and works in plenty of leads throughout the track.

All the Kimonos’ accompanying video for the song is a hodgepodge of various ideas: homemade instruments, game-show clips to other bands’ live performances, more homemade instruments, various bits of  psychedelia, and so on. It ranges from “guy ripping a solo in a Stormtrooper helmet” to “bandmates fighting onstage” pretty damn fast, so if you’re sick of quarantine music videos where everyone just sits at their desk and half-heartedly plucks their guitar strings, “The Listening Room” is the video you need to see. Actually, it’s the video you need to see either way.

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