Buffalo, NY art-punk band Alpha Hopper play quirky, fun, and furious. Lead singer Irene Rekhviashvili is an immigration attorney. The other members are a personal trainer, graphic designer, and bartender, respectively. Their collective lines of work make for interesting interview subjects.

They now have a new video for their song “Enskin” off of the most recent album Alpha Hex Index, which we are premiering below:

The video for ‘Enskin’ was a collaboration between wearable sculpture artist Uta P. Bekia and virtual reality filmmaker Flatsitter and was conceptualized and directed by Jessica Wegrzyn, a costume designer and the band’s long-time personal friend. The concept was inspired by lead singer Irene Rekhviashvili’s lyrics, which demands us to armor ourselves with the protective hides of creatures and the head and heart of our own spirit.

The video follows a warrior figure charging through a surreal landscape, adorned with myriad of mythical skins manifested by their own self will. To drive this narrative based on the changeable form of the human spirit, Wegrzyn enlisted the help of Uta Bekia, who serendipitously is a fellow Georgian from Rekhviashvili’s birthplace of Tbilisi. Bekia is a multidisciplinary artist whose wearable sculptures, performance art, and installations explore ‘genetic codes and cycles of the universe’ and have been viewed in galleries from New York City to Istanbul (full bio at utabekia.com.)  

Currently, he is a resident artist at ART OMI in New York, and, in partnership with ERTI Gallery in Tbilisi. Flatsitter, is a video artist and frequent collaborator with the band, whose mind-bending, virtual-reality films have been viewed across the continent in his nomadic VR bus and at galleries and festivals from Montreal to Mexico City (flatsitter.com.)

The two artists whose works are often steeped in mysterious rituals paired sweetly for the video.”

Photo courtesy of Alpha Hopper.

Get a copy of Alpha Hopper’s Latest LP Alpha Hex here.

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