Aqua Seca’s new video for “Don’t Care” will take you on a journey through meandering, indie riffs for days.

“Easily one of the most physically intense and exhausting days of my life, was filming this video. The salt cuts into your feet, the air is thin and dry, and the sun reflects off the salt causing you to either have to squint really hard or wear a welder’s mask. That said, I wouldn’t trade it for anything.”

The new single “Don’t Care” is a taste of what to expect on their upcoming record, Neural Stereo. Ever the mysterious creator, Hankinson isn’t one to reveal what the meaning of the song is. Instead, every listener can take what they want from it and create their own meaning.

On-screen, “Don’t Care” shows reckless abandon—and a sense of limitless freedom. The video was filmed on the Salt Flats in Utah, an epic, expansive setting that fits the feeling of the song itself. No matter which way you look, everything seems perfect and never-ending until you reach the horizon. Dressed in a suit and tie, our leading man sits down in an empty airplane seat … but where is he going? One thing’s for sure: he has no idea.

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