Acrline’s new video for “Scorpion” highlights their love of pure, heavy, hardcore, and their frustration with the day-to-day things that drag them down.

“Scorpion’s lyrics are inspired by my frustration with certain people and belief systems that we are confronted with everyday,” says Marty Cole, vocals. “In the instant information age that we live in, people don’t always take the time to process and research information that is being presented. I just wanted to express my disgust for those people and ways of being, and you can tell that I’m a bit emotionally charged in doing so.
“We wanted our video to include powerful imagery of events and people that had a major impact on society as a whole. It’s actually funny that in our current culture, one can openly talk about cults, religion, aliens, space exploration, etc. without having to be associated as a conspiracy theortist like in the past. Maybe memes have just expanded the awareness of our generation on some topics beyond our understanding. I’m not saying aliens, but aliens.”
On their latest EP, Gateway Drugs, out this past November, founding guitar player Marty Cole (Hoods) has now moved to being the main person yelling into the mic. Joining the band are Ivan Hernandez and Gabriel Batista from Take Vengeance on bass and guitar. Drake Duncan and Derek Jerome complete this five-piece powerhouse on guitar and drums. This fresh mix of talent defines the band’s crushing live sound and their tight studio performance.

In May 2019, the band began recording their new EP with Taylor Young (Nails) at The Pit Recording Studio in Van Nuys, CA. October 2019 saw the release of this EP, titled Gateway Drugs, on Upstate Records. These new songs are fueled with emotion and rage inspired by true events of modern relationships. Arcline have a love for hardcore, a love for Los Angeles, and are ready to rep for both in 2020.

Addison is reviews and online news editor for New Noise. She specializes in metal, queer issues, and dog cuddles.

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