Video Premiere: Art Bergmann – ‘Christo Fascists’

Art Bergmann has never been one to play nice with the status quo. A foundational member of the Canadian punk scene during the 1980s, he scratched out singing sonnets with The Shmorgs and Young Canadians (ne K-Tels) before embarking on a widely successful solo career that eventually earned him a Juno award.

Art’s last album was a remastered edition of his self-titled, 1991 LP, retitled Remember Her Name, released back in 2017. He’s somehow remained silent since then, but not dormant. Rest assured, Art has been working on new material, and New Noise now have the pleasure of premiering one of these new songs.

This song is a politically-charged single he penned with Wayne Kramer of MC5, titled “Christo Fascists.” As you can probably gather from the title, it pulls no punches.

Check out the video for “Christo Fascists” below:

The song has a bit of a Frank Black and a Catholics-meets-Cracker vibe, an ’80s, indie, honed stab at alternative folk and country with a bleeding heart pulsing just below the fabric of its sleeve.

In terms of the song’s and video’s overall message, we think they speak for themselves. But, we’ll let Art have the final word on the matter.

“The linking of Evangelical churches with the power of the state is a kind of fascism which has to be destroyed.” – Sincerely, Art Bergmann

Photo by Art Bergmann.

Purchase the “Christo Fascists” single from Porterhouse Records here.

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