Out now via Prosthetic Records, Astralborne’s Eternity’s End is one hell of a banger. To make things even better, check out the lyric video for “Architect of Suffering.”

In May, Ohio’s Astralborne released their debut full length via Prosthetic Records. Eternity’s End fuses melodic death, black, and thrash metal into a diverse, aural assault.

While the band are currently unable to unleash their take on melodic death metal on unsuspecting live audiences, they’ve been keeping plenty busy online and providing a whole host of insights into the making of Eternity’s End and the inner workings of Astralborne.

“We’re thrilled to premiere the lyric video for our song ‘Architect of Suffering,’ the band explain. “This track is one of the darker offerings from Eternity’s End and features some of our most ambitious songwriting to date.

“Those who have experienced Astralborne before can expect to hear the same melodious guitar lunacy, assaulting drums, and wretched vocals that they’ve come to know, but with a “touch of evil” for heavy metal’s sake. Lyrically, the song is about the sadomasochistic lines between pleasure and pain, life and death, and hope and despair. Prepare for suffering!”

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