Since their inception in 2018, Aweful have been a rambunctious and explosively powerful band. With the recent pandemic taking the wind out of the sails of many bands, Aweful hasn’t lost one bit of their commitment to intensity with their latest powerhouse single “Oh Oh” which is equal parts thrilling and liberating. 

This song is an emphatic gut-punch of grooves full of saucy, kinetic, infectious riffs and hooks that would prove irresistible to even the most stoic and detached listeners. Very few outfits have ever so deftly and capably blended rock and punk with such memorable, melodic passages. And the accompanying, fully animated and uniquely immersive video directed by Wendy Norton is emblematic of their restless lust for advanced levels of creativity.

This power trio features bandmates Traci Trouble (bass/vocals), Lucy Dekay (guitar/vocals), and Izzy Price (drums). They have a storied pedigree as members of Chicago headliners as HotLips Messiah, The Wanton Looks, Mystery Actions, Youth Dekay, and The Velcro Lewis Group. 

These impressive track records with high-profile bands have informed their process, honed their skills, and amplified their creative fervor to the point where they now represent a peak level of talent, commitment, and authenticity that rivals even the most iconic, famous bands.

Check out our premiere of Aweful’s video for “Oh Oh” below:

Buy a copy of Aweful’s track “Oh Oh” here. It’s for a good cause! “We are very grateful for the venues who have given us a stage to amplify our sound, so 50 percent of all digital sales will go directly to (National Independent Venue Association).” – Aweful

Hear what Aweful had to say about their video below:

“We thought people could use some good, rock ‘n’ roll energy during these dark times. Thankfully, we were able to record during the madness with the talented Mike Lust (MiniManor) and mastered with Collin Jordan at The Boiler Room. Rock goddess Wendy Norton (Norton Video) really brought the song to life with her awesome, animated visuals.” 

Photo by Patrick Houdek.

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