The Balkun Brothers are blood brothers Nick and Steve Balkun. Hailing from Hartford, CT, the band play what they call thrash-funk, a style that The Hartford Courant characterizes as, “weaponized, biker-bar blues rock, big on riffage but with a touch of soul and psychedelic freak outs.”

I know what you’re thinking—”thrash-funk”? Wasn’t that what the Bad Brains were supposedly doing in the ’90s? I mean, yes, but in Nick and Steve’s hands, it comes out sounding a little less DCHC and a little more Hendrix Electric Ladyland. Not a terrible trade-off, if you ask us.

New Noise have the pleasure of debuting a super-chill jam and video by Balkun Brothers today, a track they are calling “I Need Love.” Check it out below:

“I Need Love” was released by the band as a single on September 25. Nick, the band’s drummer, has the following to say about the track:

“We captured a brand-new arrangement of our original song, ‘I Need Love’, alongside producer and engineer Eddie Roberts at Color Red Studios in Denver, CO on our Colorado tour in March, 2020. Recording live and straight-to-analog tape really brought this song to life in times when the world needs more love. We first composed ‘I Need Love’ on stage at Les Paul’s New York City jazz club, The Iridium, in 2016 and we are very excited to finally release it on Color Red!”

Photo courtesy of Balkun Brothers

Video by Jason Melino

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