Basic Elements are releasing their third single, “Scream 4 Love,” on Valentine’s Day weekend. Don’t let the Hallmark holiday fool you; “Scream 4 Love” is a bona fide love letter to love itself. Bouncing between the mischievous and the mythical, “Scream 4 Love” pushes empathy and understanding and suggests one doesn’t have to be “in” love to express love—try finding that in a greeting card.

“We wrote it when we were 15 years old,” says synth player Jonathan Goldman. “I didn’t know how to sync a drum machine to a synth and run loops. We just played every part live. I’ve upgraded a bit since ‘85, but not too much. We still want it to sound live. This song is a blast to play live, which we think shows on the video we’ve out together. If anything, it’s nice to get a hit of live music which we hope comes back soon.”
Last year, after a 30-year hiatus working their day jobs as a professional sculptor, a TV producer, a video-game attorney, a real-estate agent, and a graphic artist, BE got back together to record the songs they wrote as teenagers in the ‘80s with one of their new-wave idols.
The result is pure, uncut 1985. Carrying echoes of early Depeche Mode and INXS, “Scream 4 Love” is a study in contrast: a poppy, synth verse countered with a driving, catchy chorus, both bound by a roguish, layered message about love in its many forms. 
Like the band’s previous releases, “Hide” and “New You,” “Scream 4 Love” was written in 1985, but, of the five tracks the band recorded with Ed Buller, “S4L” is the song the band changed the most after their 35-year hiatus. 

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