Bedroom Wounds is the latest musical project from Kristian Kyle Ratliff, former drummer for Our Lady turned multi-instrumentalist and intense front person for this new musical journey. Kink is the follow-up to Ratliff’s self-titled EP from 2016.

On his forthcoming album, Kristian offered the following insight:

This is a direct expression of my struggle with anxiety and mental health. It’s nine songs that go through a rage of emotions. Love, lust, pain and loss. I wrote this record when I moved away with a lover, and I lost a huge piece of myself.

“This record is an attempt at getting it back. Trying to sonically blend intimate textures with heavy chaos was the goal throughout this record. I wanted the listener to feel what I felt and be able to relate. Knowing that mental health is a struggle that feels like a lot of weight, and this is a release of that weight.

Please enjoy our premiere of Bedroom Wound’s self-titled track from Kristain’s forthcoming album below:

On the new single “Kink,” Kristian provides the following context:

“‘Kink’ is the culmination of everything I wanted to portray on this record in the most simplistic way. A gentle kiss with a strong grip around the neck. It’s a full spectrum of passion. Loving someone but not feeling complete enough. This song has a calm, soft opening with strange tones and a delay soaked bassline that takes a dark turn into the chorus that’s driven by huge drums and a catchy, but strange feeling guitar riff. Such a statement song that truly deserves the title track spotlight.”

Photo by Mat Schladen .

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