NYC-based band Beechwood are sharing their new video for the track “Gently Towards The Light,” from their upcoming album, Sleep Without Dreaming.

The band emerged through a pair of close neighborhood friends as teenagers, initially morphing into the fully-fledged band you see today, complete with their unpredictable and frenzied live performances.

Their fourth studio LP is set for release in January, which follows their 2018 releases, Songs From the Land of Nod and Inside The Flesh Hotel. The new album has 12 new songs and shows the band at their most musically well rounded in their most accomplished collection so far.

Watch the video for “Gently Towards The Light” here:

For more from Beechwood, find them on Facebook, Instagram, and their official website.

Photo courtesy of Beechwood


Keegan Williams is a freelance journalist and artist. Keegan is based in Los Angeles, CA and lives quaintly with their hairless cat, two model skeletons, and Furby baby.

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