Nottingham, U.K.-based death metal act Beyond Grace will be releasing their second album, Our Kingdom Undone, on September 3—the quintet’s first full-length record under the Prosthetic Records banner. Our Kingdom Undone sees Beyond Grace refining and redefining their sound into something that’s simultaneously more intricate and more intense than ever before, combining conceptually ambitious songwriting and high octane heaviness in equal measure.

We love when a band can marry fantastic music with an important message, and Beyond Grace deliver that in spades. Their brand of technical death metal feels uniquely powerful: punchy, groovy, and with a real fearless political ethos. Vocalist Andy Walmsley shares some insight into the song and video:

“The title for ‘Factions Speak Louder Than Herds’ comes from an interview with the writer Si Spurrier—and while I’m sure he’s not the first to use the phrase, I still want him to get the credit—about how the loudest, nastiest voices so often drown out any hope of communication or compromise, with the lyrics also touching upon the way that this sort of abuse perpetuates itself, how it poisons and polarises us, and blinds us to the damage we’re doing—both to others and to ourselves.

“And that’s what we tried to portray in the video—the cycle of violence, the refusal to stop or back down, even as the consequences of our words and actions become more and more harmful. The video’s definitely not for the faint of heart, but we think it really hammers home the message. Pun very much intended.”

You can check out the excellent new single and music video premiering exclusively at New Noise below.

You can pre-order the album at this location. Follow the band on Twitter or Instagram.

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