From the realms of frantic ska come Big D And The Kids Table’s cover of “Infernal Machine.” The song was originally performed by Sam Black Church, but Big D And The Kids Table decided to take the song and give it their own crunchy, gnashing atmosphere. The vocals maintain the raw presence found from Sam Black Church’s version, but with a bit more of a hypnotic depth to them. The cover is yet another one of the Rare Breeds 7″ put out by Paper + Plastick Records, with Big D teaming up with The Doped Up Dollies (who cover “Early To Bed” by Morphine). The music video for “Infernal Machine” showcases black and white images of terrors found in the world, with a soundtrack from Big D’s tremendous cover.

About the song, Big D offered their thoughts on covering the song, “Sam Black Church molded me as a song writer and also showed me an example of how a musician should treat their listeners. When I was about fifteen or sixteen I saw SBC play at The Escape Club in Salisbury Beach. I asked Jet for an autograph on my SBC hat. Thinking I should simply get the scribble and move along, Jet asked me all types of questions and not only signed my hat, but drew their logo and more. After that experience I do the exact same thing when Big D’s listeners ask me to sign something. Years later I waited on Jet in a Mexican restaurant I was working at and again he stopped me from just saying ‘You rule, bye!”. And finally as of recent when SBC played with The Mighty Mighty Bosstones I was able to have my third great conversation with Jet. That’s what it’s made of and that’s how I model myself.

But let’s let the Hallmark channel music fade out. On to the shows…like anyone who knows Boston / NY Hard Core, my first SBC’s show was pure furry, an explosion of energy; a celebration of power. Jet would thrash, dive into the crowd, do his flying seat and all the while playing everyone’s favorite songs. I admit I jump on stage strictly because SBC showed me it was okay to be lost in your music. The groups songwriting is my type of song writing – free. They don’t stick to easy pop arrangements as almost everyone does. They’ll have three bridges because ‘fuck you we wanna’. Everyone in the know, knows that you shouldn’t cover Infernal Machine, because it’s perfect. And God help the world if a SKA band does it. but ‘fuck you, we wanna’ so there you have it. Big ups, big thanks and much respect to SBC…!!!”

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This is a rock n' roll takeover.

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