Canadian post-punks Bike Thiefs will be dropping a new album titled Leaking on October 30 via Stomp Records. New Noise are premiering one of their playful, Parquet Courts-esque tracks for you today along with a video directed by Nick Pusic.

Check out the video for “Connie’s Got A New Phone” below:

Bike Thiefs’ jams may never see a reissue through the Criterion Collection, but we still think they’re pretty special. Check out what the band have to say about their new song and video below:

Guitarist and vocalist Marko Woloshyn, says:

“The dystopian video for ‘Connie’s Got A New Phone,’ it’s based on a cult that develops around a television celebrity chef and the mundane activities of cooking that can become spiritual rituals.”

Photo by Michael El Crusty

Preorder Leaking here.


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