We’re pleased to bring you the premiere of Black Absinthe’s new lyric video for their song “NOW” (watch below). The track is taken from the band’s latest release Early Signs Of Denial, available now for purchase and streaming in full through Bandcamp. The band comments:

“The main idea behind ‘Now’ is about taking advantage of a moment you’ve anticipated for so long, of choosing action over caution. Within the track there’s a shift between the softer more contemplative chorus and the upfront in your face verses. The structure of the song aims to build on that theme of anticipation and impending action. This build ultimately boils over into a killer solo section that sounds like you’re behind the wheel during a high speed car chase. For the video we enlisted the help of Frank Gryner (who had done the mixing and mastering of the album) who came through with a great product. There’s an almost found footage vibe to a lot of the band shots we were really digging. The close-ups of Jack’s fretboard have this really interesting vibe to them. Rather than the smooth movement you get from a modern camera it looks like certain frames have been removed making it look like you’re flipping through a piece of animation. Having those shots of the road and oncoming traffic at night with all the lights speeding towards you captures the theme of the song. Here’s a light, a moment, speeding by you and it’s gone so soon. Contrast that with the shots of the band with that single light on the floor playing the song. ‘Now’ is a moment in time for Black Absinthe, another step on our journey as musicians. The next hurdle is always around the corner so meet it face on!”

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Black Absinthe is a 3-piece modern heavy metal band from Toronto, Canada. Formed in 2011 by vocalist and guitarist Jack Cerre, bassist Kyle Scarlett and drummer Austin Henderson, the trio continue to rip through the underground Toronto metal scene without pause.

Compounding heavy riffs and bass lines reminiscent of classic thrash and new wave British heavy metal with a range of progressive to classic rock influence, Black Absinthe presents a solid example of a Canadian metal band. They’re road hungry, influenced plus supported by other driven Canadian musicians and most of all, ready to innovate and grow the traditions of a genre they venerate and respect. As leaders in the scene, Black Absinthe were headlining Toronto semi-finalists in the Wacken Metal Battle Canada 2015.

With a new year ahead, Black Absinthe pushes on with their desire to provide their fans in Canada and online with a cleaner and heavier presentation of their sound. The years incubating in Toronto’s metal underground have served the band well. From their 2012 debut EP Augusta to their 2014 EP Noise Complaint, both releases have established the band’s sound as well as their stage presence, leading to their driven heavy metal machine. Now in 2016, Black Absinthe are ready to release their debut studio album Early Signs Of Denial (May 13, 2016). The album was produced by Dave Baksh (Cross Dog, The Mahones) out of the Gentleman’s Den studio in Pickering, ON who’s experience proved to be the final touch; aiding in refining drum dynamics, smoothing the transitions and layering harmonic guitar lines. Black Absinthe’s Early Signs Of Denial sound is a leading example of the contemporary Canadian metal scene serving to showcase how the band sounds in a crisp, powerful, and ultimately more professional recording environment.

“This was our first foray into recording in a studio environment plus working with a producer and mixer. Having a team of people around us helped us produce better songs at a higher quality to give our fans the chance to hear what we’re truly about without the barrier of poor recordings. It’s our jump from the basement to the studio, the raw energy is still there, but there’s an added level of detail to each track. We wanted to make a significant jump forward in quality and songwriting plus for fans who have been following us, we think they’ll be pleasantly surprised.” comments vocalist/guitarist Jack Cerre.

The title “Early Signs of Denial” is a conceptual connection to the themes of fear, corruption, and overcoming disparity, which is explored in the songs. The record has emphasis of crushing modern tone, polished instrumental sections, soaring vocals and a blending of contemporary and classic metal. With each track, this unique record represents different aspects of Black Absinthe’s diversity in song writing. The band does not tread lightly over their new wave of British heavy metal song style or their technical and progressive metal influences.

Through the bands expanding network cultivated through Coalition Music’s “Artist Entrepreneur Program,” they chose Frank Gryner (Rob Zombie- Hillbilly Deluxe) to mix and master the album in the winter of 2015. His strong ability to work with a diversity of sounds was the appeal to the band. His mixing took the album into the sonic spheres of a classic 80s sound providing, grandeur, psychedelia, and an arena rock feel that could properly represent the textures put down in tracking. There was an immediate trust formed with the stylistic choices Gryner made throughout mixing.

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