Video Premiere: Black Suit Youth – ‘The World Is Almost Over’

Formed in 2005, Black Suit Youth are vocalist and guitarist Bryan Maher, guitarist Fed Canalos, also on guitar is Canalos Guitar, and then there are bassist Juan Orellana, and skin man Ray Mazza.

The NYC four-piece remains relentless, blending elements of punk rock, classic rock, and folk rock. So, all the basic rock food groups except for metal (and pooka rock, but hearing how open these guys are to playing around with their sound, I wouldn’t put it past them).

Today New Noise are premiering Black Suit Youth’s latest track and video, “The World is Almost Over,” below:

Black Suit Youth will release their fifth LP The World is Almost Over in 2021 on 59 X Records.

Black Suit Youth signed with 59 X Records in 2016 and released the False South LP just a year later, which saw the band take a new direction while maintaining their DIY, punk-rock ethos. What can you expect from their sixth release? Well, you’ve just heard the title track, so I’d say you’ve got a pretty good idea now. If not, scroll back up, and give it another whirl.

Photo courtesy of Black Suit Youth.


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