Video Premiere: Bound – ‘The Divide’

Following last year’s release of the album Haunts, Bound are releasing the music video for their track, “The Divide.”

The band call the album an “exploration of place,” presented as a series of vignettes within one, unbroken, circular composition. They say the album is best listened to in a single sitting, on a pair of headphones, in a quiet room.

Guitarist/vocalist Bryan Buchanan talks more about the album and how “The Divide” fits within it: “Haunts is about the pull that significant, physical places from our past continue to have on us, and it touches on many life-altering experiences in those places through interconnected vignettes. Through that lens, ‘The Divide’ is somewhat anomalous on the album. It’s designed to conjure liminality, a place between places. A time when maybe a different course could have been set.”

The video was created by Bound’s synth player, second vocalist, and resident visual artist Trish Harris. “It uses rotoscope animation I developed from footage that Bryan and I shot together during quarantine,” says Harris. “The song itself is somewhat frenetic. It has no key—with most of the adjacent chords being tonally far apart—and it’s sort of driven by syncopated clapping that the whole band is doing together. So that’s part of the reason I decided to center the video around stark, symbolic interactions between disembodied hands.”

In addition to the new video, the band have announced a mini tour, which they are calling “Haunts the Northeast,” featuring Bound’s first shows in more than two years. The dates are listed below:


Watch the video for “The Divide” here:

For more from Bound, find them on Facebook, Instagram, and their official website.

Photo courtesy of Farrah Skeiky

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