Bracket just dropped another video from Too Old to Die Young, the record they released last year via Fat Wreck Chords. 

“One of my favorite things about doing Bracket albums ever since Requiem is hearing Angelo’s new songs and ideas,” vocalist and guitarist Marty Gregori says. “This is probably my favorite song on the album—unexpected chord changes and heartfelt lyrics. It took a little arm-twisting to get him to sing lead, but I’m glad we got him to do it. Plus, it’s less work for me, which is always good. Ray learned this song on-the-spot and recorded his drums after a just couple runs through it.”

Too Old to Die Young wrestles with the themes implied by its title, including a wariness that comes from making music for such a long time. “It wasn’t like we set out to have a particular theme,” guitarist Angello Celli says. “Too Old to Die Young—the idea of living fast, dying young—but here we are, we’re in our 40s and still trying to make this kind of music. We’re poking fun at ourselves, basically.”

That is the Bracket way. This deep into their career, they’re not overthinking what they write or what they want to accomplish. “We’re still doing this because we’re best friends,” Celli says. “We like making music together, and we can’t imagine doing that with anyone else.”

Get the album here. 


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