Bearded Punk Records started 2021 with a serious bang, announcing the very first vinyl pressing for Bracket’s album Requiem, which will turn 15 years old on February 5.

Fans of the band already knew something was cooking, as the band had asked about their favorite songs off the album and had requested them to send in hand-written lyrics.

To celebrate the release, the band have made a brand-new, video clip for “Warren’s Song Pt. 17.” Check out our premiere below:

Directed by Ben Mills from Eat Dirt and produced by The Hellfire Club

On the repressing and new video, guitarist Angelo offers the following:

“Our fans kept the memory and excitement for this album alive for 15 years, so when we finally got the opportunity to give it a vinyl release, we felt it was their job to decide what the lead single was. We had everyone vote on social media, and ‘Warren’s Song Pt. 17’ was the clear winner. On an album that seemed to ruffle some punk feathers upon its original release, it was reassuring that a mid-tempo waltz with tons of layered harmonies won the vote!”

Photo Courtesy of Bracket.

Preorder the reissue of Bracket’s Requiem here.


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