New Noise Magazine is happy to premiere the music video for “Telepathic Mind” from St. Louis due Bruiser Queen. The band is a collaborative effort between vocalist/guitarist Morgan Nusbaum and drummer Jason Potter.

“Telepathic Queen” is a garage rock anthem with blistering vocals and a simple, evocative beat. The song captures the essence of being poppy and fun, maintaining a youthful vigor. The song is off of the band’s 7″ release through Certified PR, Telepathic Mind.

The band gave some insight about the music video for the song, “When thinking of the video concept for our new single, ‘Telepathic Mind,’ we knew immediately we wanted it to star our friend, Brittney Kraus. Having previously worked with her in [the music video for our song] ‘Harlequin,’ we wanted to have her as a witchy mind reader this round.As far as the filming process, we shot separate scenes with each of the band members doing every day things (like walking down the street, having a drink at a bar, and playing records at home) while Witchy Brittney started messing with us in her lair and disrupting our daily lives. This all builds until she eventually teleports us to her stage forcing us to perform a private show.”

“We’re big fans of Mic and Alie’s (Cheesy bbs) handy camera work, as well as being good friends. We’d been looking for a chance to work with them on a project, so when it came time to shoot the video for ‘Telepathic Mind,’ we called them right up and, luckily, they were able to squeeze us into their schedule. We’ve been lucky to have Brian McClelland (Blip Blap Video) in our corner as a creative partner since nearly the beginning of our band. He’s a big inspiration, insightful director, and top-notch editor. We’ve paired with Brian numerous times on our music videos in the past (‘In Your Room’ and ‘Save Me’), so we knew right away we wanted to work with him on this one as well. He took on the edit for ‘Telepathic Mind’ and nailed it on the first take.”

Their upcoming full length, Heavy High will be released next year.

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This is a rock n' roll takeover.

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