Burden were the first straight-edge band to make a mark outside of Vancouver, and probably one of the first to bring a hint of new school hardcore into the local scene.

New Noise Magazine is proud to premiere the video for “Stand” below, taken from the band’s forthcoming full-length discography, True Until the End, out April 9 through Blackhouse Records:

Formed by founding members Jason Kolins (vocals), Sean Spear & Mike Orpen (guitars), and Mark Thomson (bass), the band appeared on numerous compilations and had a handful of certainly successful releases worldwide, respectively.

After years of touring Canada, the United States, and Europe, Burden disbanded in 2004, with members going on to play in Blue Monday, On, Go It Alone, Bishops Green, Keep It Clear, Vacant State, Still Above Snakes, Eliminator Stagnation73, and others.

On the inspiration behind “Stand,” vocalist Jason Kolins states:

“‘Stand’ was a response to some drama and internet bullshit that had been going on for a while around that time, that I don’t want to get into, as It seems petty to me now close to twenty years later.

But I was basically just saying that after six years of hard work to get to get to the point to where Burden was at, we’d always had at least a few people that didn’t like me or the band. So, people talking shit, or trying to discredit us by spreading rumors or whatever was really nothing new, and none of that had previously, or would ever stop us from doing what we wanted to do, and it didn’t.

In the end we accomplished every goal we set out to do and then some. I spent some of the best years of my life with Burden on tour meeting people, making friends and playing places that I never thought I would see, and I am forever thankful.”

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