Hard rock dynamic duo Capital North, recently announced details for their debut EP, Sea To Sky, to be released March 2nd, 2018 and now available for pre-order here. The 6-track EP that discusses relatable topics from personal struggles like health, love, and loss to the human condition. Today, the band has made their official debut, teaming up with New Noise Magazine to unveil the music video for their track, “Glass Houses.” Centered around human relationships with nature, as well as one another, “Glass Houses” tells the story of an individual realizing that although nothing is perfect in our world, we can be our own salvation if we focus on what is truly important. The band explains further:

“We initially wrote the track about the inevitable destruction of the natural world by humans. It has become one of our favorite tracks on the album, and embodies so much of our ideals and principles – we are temporary, but this does not mean we should treat the Earth as though it is not permanent.”

“We had an absolute blast making this video with the very talented Jesse Lynch, who did an amazing job bringing the song to life. The video touches on relationships of all forms, and the fact that although we all make mistakes, we cannot let them define us or our lives and keep us in fear of ever trying again. We truly feel that viewers will find something mysterious, bewildering, but also comforting in this video as it is a rollercoaster of emotions with multiple storylines weaved amongst one another ultimately culminating in a very surprising way. Viewers might even find a sort of homage to one of our favorite films! Although, all of these notions inspired the video, we implore you to view it with an open mind, and interpret it however you would like, as it relates to your life. We hope you enjoy the video as much as we enjoyed making it, and remember, everything is not always as it seems!” – Jonathan and Tony

Sea To Sky is out 3/2/2018 Pre-order: www.capitalnorth.bandcamp.com




This is a rock n' roll takeover.

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