Video Premiere: Catcher – ‘Comparing Saviors and Friends’

NYC post-punkers Catcher have dropped their comeback single entitled “Comparing Saviors and Friends.” The single is regarded as one of the first tracks written since the band’s genesis and whets appetites for the arrival of the band’s debut album in 2022.

Watch the video for “Comparing Saviors and Friends” below:

Drawing comparisons to Iceage and Protomartyr, Catcher are a Brooklyn-based outfit with a reputation for visceral and powerful live performances.

The band deliver music with driving and inundating low-end, provided by childhood friends Cameron McRae and Wilson Chestney, on bass and drums respectively. Guitarists Jack Young and Christian Reech—each having been recruited earlier this year via a Craigslist ad and connection via the band’s shared Tinder—interweave melodies and noise to create an environment that manages to be at once both bleak and moving, desolate but hopeful, violent but tender.

Vocalist Austin Eichler commands listeners with a domineering and chaotic presence. From drawling croons to powerful screams, Eichler’s narrative lyrics invoke a wide spectrum of emotion while creating a world of their own. Through endless hours of practice and work, the band have crafted a gripping and tight live performance and a growing international fanbase.

Drummer Wilson Chestney says of the track, “I think it’s safe to say it’s a single off our LP we’ve recorded that we feel captures our live energy and stands out as one of our more straightforward tracks. When Austin and I originally wrote and demo’d it out, we felt it was probably a little too poppy, but once we had the whole band play it their way for a proper recording, it ended up becoming one of our favorites.”

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