Video Premiere: Cayucas – ‘California Girl’

Out on Blue Summer, available September 25 via Park The Van, check out Cayucas’ “California Girl.”

“‘California Girl’ is a story about hanging around bored, looking for some fun,” says Zach Yudin. “It’s Friday evening; the sun is setting; there’s a cool, ocean breeze, and you’re out trying to catch a vibe.

“For the video, we rented a really cool car called an ‘International Harvester Scout’ which is a relatively rare ‘offroading’ car from the ’70s which is no longer made.

“The director Tim Toda set up some cameras on the hood, and we just went cruising. We went down Malibu Canyon to PCH and back again. We turned the song up and sang along; the car handled like a boat, but it was super fun.

Photo by Cara Robbins

Preorder the album here. 

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